We serve in Central America and Mexico.  Our philosophy is the same as our domestic efforts, help people with transitional aid with the goal of empowering them to be self-sufficient, healthy and find real hope and life.

Co-Partners International

We are seeking to bring grace in tangible ways to the people of Central America and Mexico, empowering them to better & healthier lives.  We will do this through services designed to care for the impoverished, displaced and remote, equipping them to have better lives--physically, spiritually and emotionally.

Hagar de Esperanza in Junquillo, El Paraiso, Honduras is our direct ministry in Central America.  We own property with facilities in Junquillo that we use to serve several villages in the area, El Ocatal, Zursular and Lomanillos are just 3 of them.

We have a feeding ministry currently feeding 100+ children 2 times per week.

We take Medical, Construction and Children's Ministry Short-term Mission Teams 1-2 times per year.  We stay in our remodeled Honduran style facility that houses short-term mission teams of up to 30 members.  We also have constructed a metal building that will be an Education Center and Children's Shelter.  

We help with community development by constructing floors, roofs, and other community facilities that will improve their lives.  We will seek to help educate the adult population to improve their agricultural, educational, communal and financial practices.

We have just entered into an agreement with Pastora Lorena and her family to expand and develop this ministry even more to include a church, clinic, school and rehab center.  They are taking the lead.
Rancho Dos Countries.  We will be sending teams to work with this ministry in Zaragosa, Mexico.  Fernando and Debra Martinez have a home base in Del Rio, Texas and a Ranch in Mexico from where they do great work with people in 4 to 5 small towns.  Both pastor a church in Zaragosa and in a community close by.  Their ministry feeds the poor, teaches children, provides support for volunteers and spreads the Good News of Jesus.   Their website is www.ranchodoscountries.com