Co-Partners for Christ

sharing grace, empowering people

Domestic Services

services for improving lives
We empower the disadvantaged and displaced through relationships and resources.  Our team provides education, counseling, and transitional aid.  We provide resources directly and through partners, to families and individuals experiencing generational or situational poverty.  Our goal is to empower people so they well be able to move to an economical, emotional, physical and spiritual healthy life.

We now partner closely and directly with churches, to establish a direct connection with our services.

We now share a location with Heart to Heart Christian Fellowship at 4900 Sanger Avenue.   

We hope to enable others to open similar ministries associated with local churches in similar rural or outlying areas in the future.  We also hope to share how to establish this type of ministry in and established church or a church plant through workshops, conferences and coaching.  Below is a list of services and resources we will provide in our future location.
Food Pantry
Summer Camp for Kids
Transitional Governmental Resources through Texas Benefits
Counseling--emotional, financial, spiritual and life
Tutoring School-Age Children
Adult Education--"Getting Ahead", GED, Career Advancement
Job Search and Opportunity Networking