Co-Partners International

sharing grace, empowering others


We seek to bring grace in tangible ways to the people of Central America and Mexico.  We will do this through services designed to care for the impoverished, displaced and remote, equipping them to have a better life, physically, emotionally and spiritually.


Beginning an Intern-Program in Honduras. Contact us for details.

Beginning the process of establishing a Children’s Shelter in Junquillo.

Developing a feeding & health ministry that includes clean-water efforts, education, and support to local efforts.

Junquillo--This is our home base for work in Honduras.  Centrally located among several smaller mountain villages, El Ocatal, Zurzular, and Lomanillos.

We support a feeding program that serves one meal two times per week to the impoverished and remote in this area. 

We have remodeled a home with women’s and men’s restroom facilities to house mission teams of up to 35 people.  This facility is Base Honduras, overseen by owner John Depue.  We perform community development & health efforts that will support ongoing mission and ministries in the area villages.  Construction projects concerning people’s homes and community needs are a priority.

Danli--Feeding and Health service led by Billy & Olga Peters.  Impoverished children are given a healthy meal two times per week and a daily vitamin.  The meals consist of rice, beans, a serving of meat and bread along with a drink.  We will do more as we raise the funds to provide clothing and school supplies so these children will be able to get an education.  We will also provide more meals as the funds increase.  It takes $1.50 per meal per child at this time.

   Along with this service we will provide education to the children and parents concerning personal hygiene and home health care.

Partnerships in Mexico. 

Recreando la Esperanza, Wanita Rylander, Founder and Director. An abused women’s shelter and education center in Saltillo, MX.

A Governmentally Run Abused Children’s Shelter, Saltillo, MX.